What is Smashwords? – Episode #054

What is Smashwords? In this episode Dale Beaumont explains exactly what Smashwords is and how it works. This site has really revolutionized the digital publishing world so make sure you tune into it.

Remember tune in on Monday for the episode about Smashwords from a publisher’s point of view.

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  • Rasheed1144

    +I published my novel, Bloody Blunder, a saga on menace of Islamist terrorism as an E-Book not formatted on 27th July through Smashwords but it is not selling.Is formatting is the reason of no sale.

  • usmanmusk

    Hi Dale,
    A question that's been on my mind ever since you mentioned digital publishing is that of revenue being directed to the author for his/her intellectual property.

    When music suddenly became available online, Peer to Peer downloading programs popped up that sapped revenue away from musicians as consumers were suddenly able to get music for free.
    What's to stop that from happening with digital books? If it does happen, is it a significant or rational fear for an author?

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Usman

  • I have my novel, Sanchin on Smashwords but I do worry a bit about how it looks in all of the formats as I don't have readers to check them all. Just me being paranoid, I guess:-) I'm looking forward to Monday's episode. Thanks Dale.

  • Here is my delayed reply. I hope that you liked Monday's show. Dale

  • chris

    Great information Dale.

    I will be trying out Smashwords in a few weeks. Would you like a copy of my book?

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