Marketing Your Book on SmashWords – Episode #056

Marketing your book on SmashWords. In this great episode Dale Beaumont goes through 5 reason why you as an author need to promoting your book on SmashWords. This service is “The YouTube for books”.

Make sure you check out this episodes and we would love to hear your thoughts about SmashWords.

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  • Mary

    Smashwords seems like a really great platform to market your books. I'll check it out and give it a go. Thanks Dale. I really am enjoying all your episodes.

  • Connor

    Well I think I'll be heading over to Smashwords and check it out right away. In this day and age, like you said Dale, there are so many different ways to get your book out there. Of course if you are trying to earn money then you will look at things differently. I'm not too concerned with that though, just want to get people reading it. On my way to Smashwords.

  • shelleyw1

    So much fantastic quality information. You just keep on giving Dale! Thanks so much, I'll be getting my book (in the editing process right now), in a digital format as well so I can get it onto smashwords.

  • MarkCoker

    Thank you Dale! Great overview.

  • changingtools

    Thanks for this info. I have just included my book on Smashwords.

  • Karen van Wyk

    Thanks Dale. I love Smashwords and I enjoyed this episode.

  • Caryl Westmore

    I wanted to upload my new book “You Can Break-Free Fast – 3 Simple Steps to Get Unstuck and Attract the Life you Love” but had to rethink because my book is in print and already laid out in a design for the print version (already on Amazon) and as an e-book.Disappointed that I would have to convert it BACKWARDS INTO WORD for Smashwords. So have held back – what do others think?

  • Caryl Westmore

    Smashwords success with my Michael Jackson E-book – will be doing more soon.

  • MarkCoker

    @Caryl, Hi Caryl, great to see your first book up there. Devolving to Word is necessary in order for us to automatically convert your book into nine different ebook formats. The upside, as Dale correctly points out, is access to a broader market of customers. The downside of working backwards with some books is that you can lose some control over layout. For novels and other books that are mostly straight narrative, such a simplification adds tremendous value to your book because it allows your book's text to easily shape shift across different e-reader screens. For books that require strict layout, the process is more challenging. The Smashwords Style Guide offers tips about how to move your book from professional book design applications such as InDesign and Quark back into Word.

  • Dale Beaumont

    Yes Connnor. head over to Smashwords and let me know how you go? Talk soon, Dale

  • Dale Beaumont

    Thanks Shelley. Glad that you are enjoying Looking forward to seeing your book in print. I am sure it is going to be amazing :-)

  • Dale Beaumont

    @markcoker Thanks Mark for stopping by and getting involved in the conversation. Looks like a bunch of our viewers have now set up Smashwords accounts. Looking forward to everyones feedback and keeping the conversation going. We'll talk again soon Mark. Dale

  • Dale Beaumont

    Please reply when you have some feedback. It would be great if you can share your experience so others can benefit. Talk soon, Dale

  • Dale Beaumont

    Thanks Karen, Yes Smashwords is a great service, so get into it. Talk more soon, Dale

  • Dale Beaumont

    Thanks @MarkCoker for helping out Caryl with this issue. We all appreciate your support. Dale

  • Dale Beaumont

    Mark Coker from Smashwords has replied to your question. Head back to to read his answer. Talk soon Caryl. Dale

  • tisme

    love to know Carly how it converts to sales for you having it on this site and also Dale, are any of yours on there? did have a quicklook and couldnt find any

  • carylwestmore

    Thanks Mark – I see there is a way to pay Wordclay to format it for me – but a bit pricey. Will relook at the Style Guide and remember it for my next book! I have one e-book I want to sell about my success with the Law of Attraction and Internet Dating – which I will put up on Smashwords in September. Now that is a dandy for the broader market with the nine different formats.

  • MarkCoker

    Hi Caryl, it's really quite easy to format a book for Smashwords. The three secrets are simplify, simplify and simplify. Books that work best for us are straight form narrative (all words), with minimal formatting. It's best to unify around a common standard font and font size, apply proper indents (use Word's ruler bar, don't use tabs), add bold and italics for readability where necessary, avoid multiple consecutive paragraph returns (keep to five or under, otherwise it creates “blank” pages in small-screened e-reading devices).

    Authors who have the most difficulty are those who attempt to maintain the exact look and feel of the printed page on the ebook device. This creates unnecessary complexity and usually yields a lower quality, less readable book. The reason is that users of e-reading devices and e-reading apps will customize the look and feel of your text to match their own preferences. By simplifying the formats and sticking to what matters (indents, bolds, italics), your book can easily shape shift across all the different e-reading devices, apps and ebook formats. The Style Guide covers all this in more detail. :)

  • Joanhh

    I'd like someone to format the 3 books I have on Smashbooks so that they will be elibible for the premiere catalogue. (I'm in the middle of a project I can't leave.)

    What would that cost me?

    Presently they are on there looking like the print books they were.

    Thanks so much,

  • BookCat

    Smashwords also has an example document which can easily be converted into a template. Import into Word and save as template. Then input your own text in place of the existing text. Simples 😉 !

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  • Flyman0704

    Wow, thank you so much for this insight. I never put much thought into efiles, but your comments make a lot of sense. Thanks.

  • R.M. Wagoner

    My book 'Second World' is now on Smashwords. I posted the link below.

  • Adamsonted

    More on smashwords:

  • Leksinska
  • Bryon Williams

    Have taken your advice and am offering 'The Grumpy Old Withered of Oz' for free to see if it attracts readers.  How do I get my books rated?

  • Onenesskhaya

    you need an editor! Correct your second line above. I won't tell you where your mistake is, it's so obvious. Will wait and see how long it takes you to find it!

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  • Will

    I just wanted to say that I totally agree. Smashwords is great. I recently started publishing short stories on Smashwords and have been doing pretty well for an unknown author of short stories. It's been a little under a month and I've published five stories so far (2 are free, 3 are not). I've sold a total of 35 copies of my paid books (okay, that's only about 30$, so I wont's make a living off of this for now, but we never know) and I expect to reach  1000 downloads for all 5 of my stories by the time the first month is over.  Hope others are having the same type of luck.


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  • Samwilsono2

    Chkout, this is amazingly helpful.. ..a must have for every entrepreneur

  • davidbenefry

    This is definitely an important step forward for all self-publishing authors out there who need to get a foot in that door. I just love how this whole thing is moving forward rapidly from the old days, exposing us to countless more authors who would have stayed in the shadows had they been born in the past.

    Dave from Quick Book Reviews

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