Marketing Your Book on SmashWords – Episode #056

Marketing your book on SmashWords. In this great episode Dale Beaumont goes through 5 reason why you as an author need to promoting your book on SmashWords. This service is “The YouTube for books”.

Make sure you check out this episodes and we would love to hear your thoughts about SmashWords.

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  • This is definitely an important step forward for all self-publishing authors out there who need to get a foot in that door. I just love how this whole thing is moving forward rapidly from the old days, exposing us to countless more authors who would have stayed in the shadows had they been born in the past.

    Dave from Quick Book Reviews

  • Will

    I just wanted to say that I totally agree. Smashwords is great. I recently started publishing short stories on Smashwords and have been doing pretty well for an unknown author of short stories. It's been a little under a month and I've published five stories so far (2 are free, 3 are not). I've sold a total of 35 copies of my paid books (okay, that's only about 30$, so I wont's make a living off of this for now, but we never know) and I expect to reach  1000 downloads for all 5 of my stories by the time the first month is over.  Hope others are having the same type of luck.


  • Onenesskhaya

    you need an editor! Correct your second line above. I won't tell you where your mistake is, it's so obvious. Will wait and see how long it takes you to find it!

  • Bryon Williams

    Have taken your advice and am offering 'The Grumpy Old Withered of Oz' for free to see if it attracts readers.  How do I get my books rated?

  • Leksinska
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